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  • Kocrachon

    Kocrachon - 2014-05-05

    So I have a bunch of content I want to copy, but there is a bunch of data I have collapsed that I do not want. Right now, if you check out the picture I provided, you will notice there is a ton of collapsed data. I want to know how I can copy all of that shown with out the extra data. As it is right now, if I shift click all the way down, it highlights everything, but when I go to paste, the collapsed information is there too.


    THEVENOT Guy - 2014-05-05

    Hello Kocrachon,

    I did it !!! Of course, normal, or, even, column mode selection, do select all the collapsed data.

    Actually, the solution is to use bookmarks ! Despite of using N++ for many years, you make me discover an interesting feature of Notepad++ :-)

    For example, from your picture, the line 533 ( class missiles_titan_FSF... ) is bookmarked.

    So, assuming it's the unique line, of your file, with a bookmark, do the steps below :

    • Click on the menu Search - Bookmark - Copy Bookmarked lines option

    • Open a new tab, with CTRTL + N

    • Copy this unique line, in the new file, with a simple CTRL + V

    Isn't that simple ?!

    An other example, with a search :

    Let's suppose you would like to copy all the section's titles, ONLY of an .INI file, in a new tab. Follow the steps under :

    • Open the Search dialog with CTRL + F

    • Select the Mark tab

    • Type ^\[ in the Find what zone

    • Check the bookmark line and Wrap around square boxes

    • Click on the Regular expression radio button mode

    • Click on the Mark All button

    Note : It also works if all the sections are already folded !

    • Click on the Search - Bookmark - Copy Bookmarked lines option

    • Open a new tab, with CTRTL + N

    • Copy, only, the section's titles of your .INI file, in the new file, with a simple
      CTRL + V

    Enjoy our loved editor !

    Best regards,



    Suppose that all the sections of your .INI file are ALREADY folded.

    • Select the option Search - Bookmark - Inverse Bookmark to select all the sections.

    • Select the option Search - Bookmark - Copy Bookmarked lines.

    This time, it copies both titles and contains of the different sections !

    Last edit: THEVENOT Guy 2014-12-06

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