No toolbar in 5.4.3??

  • P. Baril Lecavalier

    I just installed the last version (5.4.3) on a win2000 and I get no toolbar (the one with new, save, etc. icons). In the settings, it is not disabled. Playing with that does not help. I uninstalled, reinstalled, then rebooted, same thing.

    This better not be a bug, because to miss that does not bode well for the rest!

    • mlippert

      mlippert - 2009-07-02

      ah hah, thanks, I'm having the same problem and hadn't associated it with the OS, but yes it is happening on my Windows 2000 box.
      I'll hang on for a new version which fixes this.

    • aw2100

      aw2100 - 2009-06-30

      I have the same problem with the toolbar on my Windows 2000 System.

      With the version 5.4.2 I have no problem with the toolbar.

      I will use the older version at the moment and hope that the bug is fixed in the next version.

    • aw2100

      aw2100 - 2009-06-30