ACK when i press CTRL+F

  • Roberto (Bobbix)

    Very often happens that by pressing  + f keys, a black (ACK) symbol appears instead of the search window.
    It's a very annoying problem and work around is to restart notepad.
    There isa a solution for this bug ??? I've already the latest version of notepad.
    Thanks to all.

  • bbluemel

    bbluemel - 2011-02-17

    Make sure you close the confirmation dialogs after finding… e.g. to reproduce:
    - Search for "ohvobsovosgspkpo"
    - When it says it cannot find text click back in the notepad++ window (instead of clicking OK).
    - CTRL+F will now show
    - Alt-tab to go back to the "Can't find the text" dialog… click OK
    - CTRL+F now functions correctly.

    Other oddity, if you CTRL+C when CTRL+F gives ACK, you can CTRL+V and it'll give the contents of the "Can't find the text" dialog.

  • Azam

    Azam - 2012-03-17

    Simply you have to close all opened dialog boxes. When you find some text which is not in your document it would say the text cannot be found. We accidentally click on the notepad window forgetting to close the error message dialog box. That is why the ACK error appears. By clicking the close button on the error message dialog box(including any other message boxes via notepad++), the issue when you click ctrl+f  will not appear. Cheers!

  • Herb Martin

    Herb Martin - 2013-05-03

    Weird part for me, I could find no open message box when the problem occurred, but after bringing up the Find dialog separately from the toolbar, and THEN pressing Ctrl-F in the document, it flashed the Find dialog and my problem had resolved.

    Definitely a bug, although having the Ctrl-characters insert by this method is not totally without usefulness. :)

    Version 6.3.2 (UNICODE)

    Other keys that might not work during this time: Ctrl-Tab for switching docs, Ctrl-Home, Ctrl-D, and more.....

    Thanks (even if this 'fix' doesn't continue to work).

    At least I can more or less eliminate my hardware or RDP connection.


  • Herb Martin

    Herb Martin - 2013-05-05

    At this point I cannot get out of "ack" mode through any combinations of opening Find, searching for text that gives "Can't find the text" and then closing the message and dialog box.

    Notepad++ version 6.3.2 Unicode (previous few versions as well)

    The following is going to confuse the issue: My keyboard (HP Envy notebook) also seems to be sending OTHER wrong codes making this intermittent problem exponentially harder to diagnose (2 similar, but different, intermittent problems.)

    How do I know? Right now, I am depending on OSDHotkey (written in AutoHotKey) and all claims of what is being SENT below are based on the OSDHotkey report.

    THE KEYBOARD is sending correct keys for most key presses, but Ctrl-Home is showing as Ctrl+MouseRight+Home in OSD.

    Ctrl-f is showing as ctrl+f, but Notepad++ is entering/displaying the ACK control code rather than taking the normal Find action.

    I was testing the navigation keys, and pressed (some of) ctrl+ home, end, pgup, pgdn and especially numlock and number pad devide '/'.

    At about that point, OSD started reporting Ctrl-Home as giving Ctrl-NumPadClear+Home and at least this takes the expected action in Notepad++.

    It was about the same time as this that my ctrl-F stopped working in Notepad++.

    The problems may have some interaction but it is difficult to separate them out.

    Please don't dismiss this as 'hardware only', I have been running this combination for months and similar combinations on other laptops for years.

  • Fool4UAnyway

    Fool4UAnyway - 2013-05-05

    This may be hardware (only) related: do you have any sticky keys on your keyboard?
    Check your Mouse Right button and Num Pad Clear.

    If shutting down the computer isn't one of your habits, try that and see if it still is a problem after a fresh start.

    Last edit: Fool4UAnyway 2013-05-05

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