Setting the clipboard width for wrapping

  • Marc Kupper

    Marc Kupper - 2012-03-19

    npp 5.9.8 - The TextFx controls have long had "ReWrap Text to (Clipboard or 72) width"

    On and off I'd wondered what the "clipboard width" was and how to wrap at something other than 72 characters. The intuitive, at least to me, method is to do a column select with Alt-Drag but the ReWrapper pops up a message saying it does not work in column mode. A search of the forums for "clipboard width" did not find anything of interest and so I'm posting this.

    I found the answer at and then

    To summarize:

    1. Type the line length or width that you want on the screen.
    2. Copy the number into the copy/paste buffer (select the number you just typed and then do Ctrl-X)
    3. Select the text to be ReWrapped.
    4. Run "TextFX / TextFX Edit / ReWrap Text to (Clipboard or 72) width"

    ReWrap will use the number in the clipboard as the line length.  This can be from 8 to 2048 characters.

    The ReWrap Text function first looks at the clipboard and if it can't recognize the contents as a number it defaults to 72. That could result in a "gotcha" if you have something like "2012 tasks - fix all bugs" sitting in the copy/paste buffer. In that case the wrapping width will be 2012 characters.

    • User

      User - 2013-10-01

      Awesome thanks Marc! Always wondered the same thing

  • cchris

    cchris - 2012-03-24

    Could you check the TextFX documentation (it is called "demo"? It states the bounds within which numbers are accepted - namely 8 to 2048.
    And you are right, 2012 is in range…



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