NP++ is opening an outdated version of a file that no longer exists

  • merk

    merk - 2013-04-15

    I've just created an EC2 instance on amazon and I'm trying to copy over a website to this instance. I'm trying to open the applicationHost.config file. Every time i open it with notepad++ it's showing me an outdated version of the file. It's showing me what the file looked like the very first time I opened it with notepad++. I've tried going to the file menu and selecting reload from disk - it does nothing. If i open the file with windows notepad, i see the correct current file. This behavior persists even after restarting windows (server 2012).

    VERY annoying. Any ideas why notepad++ is doing this? I've never seen it do this before. In fact it always does the opposite behavior - if I have a file open and it changes, NP++ asks me if it should reload the file. But in this case it doesn't seem to realize the file has changed. Where is loading the old version of the file from? I'm assuming there's a tmp version of the file some where it's opening. Also, just to confirm - i made a copy of the config file and then opened that in notepad++ and it sees the new content.


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