JhonnieWalk - 2014-03-08

Hi all,

After reading a while and searching on Google for information, I nee your help to setup the functionList for my language.

The language is PML (Programmable Macro Language)

The syntax should be something like this:

setup form !!c2ex3 dialog

define method .c2ex3()

The extension file is .pmlfrm and I have this configuration "<association ext=".pmlfrm" id="pml"/>" on the functionList.xml

I have also my parser:
<parser id="pml_function" displayName="PML" commentExpr="--$*$($)" (example only)

I have read the http://notepad-plus-plus.org/features/function-list.html but I don't understand the code after the mainExpr, displayMode, nameExpr expr etc

Does any one can explain me what is this code and where can I read about it to make the proper configuration?