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Title Issue

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    There is some kind of title issue.
    Let's imagine this.
    You open Notepad++: you get a clean tab with "Notepad++ - new 1" or something like that.
    If you type <as></as> the title is <as></as>.
    But, if you type first <> the title gets jammed.
    The same goes if I open/manipule a file with <>'s, {}'s or []'s, if I go to the end of the line and touch one of those, the title gets messed up.


    • Chris Severance

      Chris Severance - 2005-12-24

      Turn off:

      Plugins - TextFX Settings - +Autoshow line matching Brace

      This is generating so many complaints that it has been removed for the Notepad++ 3.4 release.

    • Nobody/Anonymous