How2preserve column alignment when copy/paste

Dave Gates
  • Dave Gates

    Dave Gates - 2009-06-27

    Great app!! I'm using it all the time now.

    Q: When copying/pasting selected lines from NP++ to another application window (e.g. LNotes email client), how do you preserve the column alignments?

    Sorry if this is obvious or posted elsewhere, but I couldn't find the answer.

    • Dave Gates

      Dave Gates - 2009-06-30

      Does anyone know how to do this? tnx...

    • cchris

      cchris - 2009-06-30

      My first question would be: how are they not preserved? Could you explain what happens and when?


    • José E

      José E - 2009-07-01

      Hi Dave,
      I think the problem is that,  by default, Npp uses a monospaced font (all characters has the same width) whereas the defaul Lotus e-mail font (let's say Arial) is not monospaced so when you paste the text you have the same number of chars in each column but, these chars have different witdth, and hence, the columns get messed up.

      If this is the case, you have two solutions:
      1- Select a monospaced font in Lotus (Courier New should do the trick) or
      2- Use tabs to separe columns instead of spaces.

      For example:

      aaaa    2nd
      AAAA    2nd
      Is un-aligned, since upercase A is far wider than lowercase a
      aaaa    2nd
      AAAA    2nd
      Keeps aligned since we use tabs instead of spaces

      I hope this helps

      José E

    • Dave Gates

      Dave Gates - 2009-07-01

      Thanks! That was the solution. Using a monospaced font in LNotes aligned the columns properly.

      Now if I want to copy into, say, a spreadsheet, using a monospaced font works also, but copies the entire line into the contents of a line into a single cell. Is there a way to spread the contents into separate cells? Or should I be consulting a different forum on that question?

      Thanks again!

    • cchris

      cchris - 2009-07-02

      I'd check the documentation for the LNotus client first. My first attempt would be to insert tabs at the positions where the cell being copied into changes. Not tested.



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