Ian Hobson - 2014-01-20

I am having trouble in that, about one time in 20 when I click on a tab, instead of simply showing me the file on that tab, it invokes the "Show file in new instance" processing. I have to drag/drop it back, and re-set up my tabs!

Now, I don't ever use "open in new instance". I have never (1) selected it from the menu. I have never knowingly issued the key strokes to invoke it.

This is a bug and very very old - it goes back to well before the icon was changed. Some days it is very troublesome (like today). Other days I can use Notepad++ for a few days and have no problems.

Does anyone know exactly what I am doing that triggers this behaviour? And can it be disabled by some means?

O/S Windows 7 - 64 bit with all patches.



Note 1 - I did once. That is how I know what the routine does what happens to me when it shouldn't.