Trouble deleting first 7 characters

  • TroyC

    TroyC - 2012-10-30

    I have a 3000+ log file, and I'm wanting to delete the first 7 characters.
    I understand holding alt & mouse-selecting works, but again, 3K lines makes that approach non usable.

    I am trying to do a Regex search/replace & I'm using the following

    Find What      :  ^…….
    Replace With: {null}

    In selection / Match whole word / match case / wrap around -- all unchecked
    regular expression -- checked

    What's happening is that any 3 characters  are deleted;  so each line is either the last 5 or last 6 character.

    ie::: the search/replace is not jumping to the next line after finding the initial 7 characters;   I've stepped through it one replace at a time  and the search/replace doesn't jump to the next line.

    Thoughts?  Am I missing something to signify one replace per line?


  • TroyC

    TroyC - 2012-10-30

    Sorry, meant

    What's happening is that any _7_ characters 

    I was trying with both 3 characters & 7 in my testing…both had the same results;

  • TroyC

    TroyC - 2012-10-30

    Sysadmin friend helped me & here's the answer:::

    find:::                  ^…….(.*)$
    replace with:::   \1


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