J. B. - 2014-03-30

I've googled all morning but can't find the magic phrase for this.

When I select leading whitespace, then press TAB, I expect that all the whitespace selected will be deleted and replaced by a tab (or equivalent spaces if that option is selected). If autoindenting of some kind is enabled (there seem to be several options/plugins for that), then perhaps pressing tab may position start of the non-whitespace characters a little off from where you'd expect it, but the existing whitespace should be replaced.

The behavior I am seeing appears to be that the existing whitespace is preserved, and an additional "tab's worth" of whitespace is added. The net effect is that, no matter how much space has been selected, the non-whitespace on the line moves to the right, even if a single tab should have kept it in the same place, or possibly even moved it more to the left, if the whitespace selected represented more than a "tab's worth" of whitespace.

I suspect indenting of some sort it the culprit because the behavior of selecting non-leading whitespace is as expected: if I add a lot of whitespace, select it, and hit tab, then the whitespace is replaced by something more like a "tab's worth" of space.

Still, it seems like its a bug in the indentation algorithm if so.

I've looked at the NPP configuration options, and didn't see something obviously causing this. There were several options I couldn't understand from the description alone, and I tried some of them, but couldn't change this behavior.

This may not be the default behavior of NPP. I am a plug-in addict (the feature I love the most about NPP) so I have about fifty plugins enabled. It seems to disable all plugins I need to shove DLLs around, which I'd prefer not to do (if there's no "disable all plugins, as Firefox has, that might be a good feature to add).

This isn't exactly a life-threatening emergency, just a nuisance, and what at least seems to be a difference in behavior from other WYSIWYG GUI editors.

So any troubleshooting tips it theories would be greatly appreciated.