Multiline Writing or Column Mode

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    There is any way to multiline writing in N++?

    Like this:

    then I write:
    insert into ...

    and it goes:
    insert into user_2
    insert into user_3
    insert into user_4

    Other editors have this feature called Column Mode.
    There is anyway to do this in N++?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      You could do this with the plugin TextFx. Therefore you should only write in the first line following:

      insert into user_2

      After that mark "insert into " and the lines thereunder with the mouse. Keep in mind that you should press "Alt" for box selection. Now select in the TextFx menu "TextFx Edit->Fill Down Insert".


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        so how can i write a column text?

    • Chris Severance

      Chris Severance - 2006-05-01

      Due to the troublesome way that Scintilla handles block selection on short lines, TextFX Edit | Insert (Clipboard) through lines will handle this much better.

      As described in the inluded NPPTextFXdemo.TXT: Copy "insert into " into the clipboard, non block mark all 3 lines, Insert (Clipboard)...

      Not only is a 'column mode' a major interface change for N++, the TextFX methods are quite a bit more capable despite being quite simple.

      • winflowers

        winflowers - 2006-06-19

        Is there any way to insert different text to mulitlines?

        For example:
        I have text:



        then I want to get results like this:

        \l(1) aaaa
        \l(2) bbbbb
        \l(3) cccccc
        \l(4) dd

        It can be done with "TextFX Edit | Insert (Clipboard) through lines" twice. Is it possible to do it in 1 step? I tried to copy the code "\l(#1)", then "TextFX Edit | Insert (Clipboard) through lines", but failed.

        In UltraEdit, it is easy to be done, just copy and paste in column mode. Is there any similar mode in Notepad++?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yes, it work quite like UltraEdit.

      You column-select the second text chunk, then place the marker on the start of the first line (of the first text chunk), and paste it.

      You get exactly the result you wanted.

    • jmg_

      jmg_ - 2006-07-07

      I can get this, with a single Cut/paste::

      \l(1) aaaa
      \l(2) bbbbb
      \l(3) cccccc
      \l(4) dd

      What you have to know about, is the 'implicit' column select mode : you press and hold down Alt, then click-drag the mouse, and you select an
      XY rectangle shorter than linelengths.
      This Column-mode cut text can then PASTE into any
      location, and it will nudge-aside lines, or
      append white spaces, if needed.

      This mode is not well documented in many editors, it is sort of a windows standard... like the related click-drag is to select whole lines

      There is a quirk in NP++ 3.7 etc : in Column mode, the lower right location, cannot exceed that EOL : just append spaces, if that restricts your selection of longer line-portions.

      • winflowers

        winflowers - 2006-07-26

        Yes, you are right. Amazing, it works!
        I remember I have tested this before but had no lucky. Don't know why. That's why I tried the plugin. Now I can use the easiest way. Thank you very much!