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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi all
    I'm new to Notepad ++, and when i typed a letter and went to save it, it was saved as, "well i realy don't know",
    I wanted it to be a .txt file, which i found that i can choose from the "Save As" dropdown box, but i don't want to be doing this all the time.
    How do i get Notepad ++ to save a file as a .txt file automaticly when i click Save-As,  without having to choose from the dropdown box all the time.
    If i want to save a file as something else i can choose it from the dropdown box in Save-As


    • sandeep bhimavarapu

      you could just type .txt at the end of the file name
      i know its not a complete solution . sorry

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Agreed. I'm kind of amazed that this was not a high priority from the start. Never used a text editor that didn't do this. You would think as being mostly used as a text editor that it would default to the txt extension -- especially since its blank anyway.

    • Paulius

      Paulius - 2005-10-22

      I strongly dissagree! As a developer, i save lots of files with funny extensions, like .dlg, .dummy, .todo, .notes and so on (yes, i type theme manualy). Sometimes i don't want the file to have an extension at all so i type it's name in "Save As" dialog without extension. If Notepad++ would suddenly start adding .txt at the end - my files would be messed up.

      In fact - in such cases (like saving the file) i don't like any automation at all - i want to specify filename myself, so next time i need the file - i know exactly how it is named and what extension it has.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Right, but if you have to type it in anyway, then why not just change it from a text file. NPP should just default to txt unless something else is typed in.

      If working on an existing file that is already in another format then of course save in that format.
      But if someone wanted to just create a new file, then there should be an option to just default to txt if nothing else is specified.

    • Chris Severance

      Chris Severance - 2005-10-23

      In the MS-DOS world, the typical behviour was to add a default extention if one wasn't specified. This means

      MyFile -> MyFile.TXT
      MyFile.DOC -> MyFile.DOC
      MyFile. -> MyFile.

      It was easy back then because a period (.) could only be used once and only had one meaning. In Windows, you can have many periods so deciding what to do is a bit more complicated. As an editor for programmers, it doesn't really matter if N++ adds default or not. Notepad++ rarely edits a file for me that I don't also have visible in Total Commander ready for a move or name change.

    • Paulius

      Paulius - 2005-10-24

      If Notepad++ would add default extension when one is missing, then what would happen if i would save a file (wich is without extension) "my-cool-class.test"? It would consider ".test" as extension and it wouldn't add anything anyway. What if i'd want to create shell script (to be run on cygwin) - usualy those scripts are without any extension, for example, all of my programs has a script named "run-tests", so when i create one such file, notepad++ would add (without even asking me) ".txt", and all of my makefile's would fail because of this.

      As stated in my post above - i dissagree, that this feature would be of any use for *average* developer.

      "Notepad++ is a generic source editor <...>"
         --from Notepad++ summary page
      As a source editor, it wasn't ment to be used for writing letters or essays. It was ment to be used by programmers, to write source code. It supports manny source languages. Why should it treat ".TXT" files in a special way? Is it special for programmers? I don't think so.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The Notepad Replacement "Notepad++ launcher" which allows you to replace Notepad completely by Notepad++ is a great feature.

      It would only follow to have "as an OPTION" to add the txt extention if nothing else is typed in.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      So why is there a dropdown box filled with various file-extensions in the "Save As..." Dialog?

      One easy solution would be:
      If "All Types (*.*)" is checked then Notepad shouldn't care about the extension...

      When for example "Normal text file (*.txt)" is marked then Notepad should add this extension when none is present...

      Can be very annoying sometimes when u have to set up many textfiles and entering the extension manually...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Maybe this should be labeled as a BUG?

      Since this dropdown is actually labeled as "Save As", you would think that selecting "Normal text file (*.txt)" would save it as a txt file.

      AND should have the OPTION to default to whatever file extension you use most often -- especially a txt option.

    • Paulius

      Paulius - 2005-10-27

      For me, typing in a few (four usualy - dot + three letter extension) letters at the end of a file name is less painful then reaching for the mouse, clicking on the drop-down button (to see the list), finding the right type, then clicking on it and then clicking on Save button.

      However, i believe you're right - notepad should add an extension if the type is chosen from the list.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      "the mouse" hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
      Talk about the one most outdated interface on the planet. Yet still standard equipment. AMAZING.
      I just shake my head every time I see one of those things.
      Get a touchpad & increase your efficiency 10 fold.

      And M$ goes for making it more intelligent...hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Mannnn, what a world.

      But seriously, N++ would be such a no-brainer recommendation if it had this one feature.
      Otherwise a very nice project.

    • Chris Severance

      Chris Severance - 2005-10-27

      If you're talking about the mini touch pads on laptops, those are terrible. I can't even play mine sweeper on those, let alone Quake. The pen drawing pads are substantially easier but a mouse is still better for the games.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Keyboards with touch pads built in below the arrow keys are the best. Especially the wave type keyboards. Whenever I get on a PC with a mouse, I'm thankful for my Hotkey experience (gained from when I was stuck using a track ball).

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Reported as a Bug:
      "Save as" BUG -- extension choice ignored 
      When using the "Save as" option for saving any file (with
      or without an extension), the choice of extension is
      ignored and the file is saved with no extension.

      Would also be nice to be able to choose a default
      extension. Or at least an option to default to "txt".
      It is called Notepad++ after all.

      Thanks for the great project.

      Bug Report:


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