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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I tried to compile from sources but got a lot of errors, both using mingw32 and devc++.
    Scintilla builds like a charm (albeit with some warnings "dllwrap: no export definition file provided. Creating one, but that may not be what you want").

    Notepad++ on the other hand...
    Its GCC makefile is incomplete: some include files lay into different directories (WinControls/DockingWnd) and are neither included via -I directives, nor compiled at all.

    Is the published ZIP file ( up to date with what's in the CVS?
    Any hints?

    Regards, Mauro.

    • Chris Severance

      Chris Severance - 2007-10-01
    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Answered in another thread.

      • James Yoneda

        James Yoneda - 2007-03-30

        I'm curious, which thread was it?  What was the answer?  I'm trying to compile it now, but I'm having trouble.

    • MJG

      MJG - 2007-03-30

      As long as it is not of the "Man: 'It hurts when I do this.' Doctor: 'Then don't do that.'" ilk, I'd be interested as well.  The last I saw of this was that one had to use VC++ 7 for NP++ and mingw for Scintilla.  The plugins were workable with strict header file definitions, I recall.

      I have been fairly successful re-working some odd source to make it compilable with Borland's compiler, as long as I had all the relevant source.  I wanted to see if that were possible with Notepad++.  There may be a way to make it completely compilable with mingw without the crashing I saw reported, but I've not yet figured out what is needed to get mingw working with known good stuff!  --Joel

      • James Yoneda

        James Yoneda - 2007-03-30

        I guess until we get an answer of exactly how to build Notepad++, I'm just going to have to look elsewhere.  I'm really interested in finding a good open source text editor that I can contribute to, but without even a working build process (or at the least, instructions!) it's not even worth using.

        I'll keep checking back, but for now I'll have to keep searching for another program.  Hopefully in the meantime someone can shed some light on exactly how to build NPP.


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