paragraph vs. line break

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    how to set npp to use HOME and END keys not to jump to the begining or the end of the paragraph but to jump to end of begining of wrapping. Its hard to explain but if you compare this with other txt editors youll surely find out what i mean: Wrapping turned on - text line longer than npp+ window so text is wrapped (lets say into 3 lines). Cursor is on line #2. I press HOME key but npp+ doesnt jump into begining of line #2 but to begining of paragraph (line #1). I know this may be useful for programmers, but not for plain text editing.

    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2005-06-17

      There's no way to do that.

      It's a behaviour issue :
      When you turn on the option "Wrap Text", the long line becomes a "paragraph" for you. But for editor, it's always a long line, except the display mode changes.