Why is there no simple way to close multiple views?

  • badon

    badon - 2013-11-14

    Why is there no simple way to close multiple views? If I somehow end up with multiple views, I have use the "Move to other view" feature repeatedly until it magically disappears. If that doesn't work, I have to engage in forbidden Satanic witchcraft rituals before I try again, and hope the magic works better that way. Why not just make this easy?

  • dail8859

    dail8859 - 2013-11-14

    I use multiple views frequently and never have a problem with it. Here are some tips that can help, which you may or may not be aware of.

    • You can right click on the document's tab and move it
    • You can also drag and drop the document's tab to another view

    If there are any specific suggestions on ways this would be easier, I'm sure they would be appreciated. Hope this helps.

    Edit: It may be helpful to have an option to merge all open documents into a single view

    Last edit: dail8859 2013-11-14
  • Kossak

    Kossak - 2013-11-14

    I have a problem with it too, specifically i want to merge all the views into one, each having many different files open, and i can't do it with 1-2 clicks, i have to move every file separately from one view to the other.

  • cchris

    cchris - 2013-11-21

    The Windows Manager plugin will do this for you if you select several documents in its window.



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