Add localhost to Run choices

  • billbyrd

    billbyrd - 2014-03-23

    I’ve Googled really hard to avoid asking for help. I think that’s what one should do. But I find no solutions. In the Run dropdown of Notepadd++, one can choose a browser to displaying his code. Is there any way to add localhost to the menu so that my work gets displayed through my local server? People who’ve sought answers to this usually get a lesson on how PHP (for example) does not run in a browser. I already know that. I simply want to know if I can direct Notepad++ to my localhost server. Thanks for any help.

  • cchris

    cchris - 2014-03-30

    The only thing N++ can do is starting a program with arguments.
    So, if you can call your local server like
    server.exe -render -file="myFile.htm"
    then you can add a Run command to do that.
    If not, aand if your server is listening to some port, then perhaps NppFTP can be used to transfer the file to that port.
    Otherwise... ask a network guru that understands your setup.



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