Blank Lines: How to auto fill them with <p>?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I tried using the replace feature with the following:

    ^$  in the find field
    <p> in the replace field

    Does anyone know a solution that will work for filling all blanking lines with specific text, that has been tested and works???


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi, i'm also wondering about finding CR LF, but haven't found a solution yet.

      I tried \n (as Escape for new line), but that only works in a Replace term and not for finding. Would be a really usefull feature.

      I'll give ^M a try.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Currently not possible. Sorry!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      One detail I've seen in other editors, that could make implementing this easy (Don?), is they allow
      COPY of the show-all-characters view, and PASTE into the Find bars. ( Saves having to remember the ^xx or Alt-nnn stuff.., and easier than new menu options.. )

      In this OPs case, you would copy/paste <crlf>, and search for <crlf><crlf> and replace with <crlf>NewTextStuff<crlf>


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Using the regular find/replace (control+H) with regex turned on, I just tried replacing ^$ with <P> and it worked fine for me. Am I missing something here?  My test file used CR LF for newlines.

      If you use the TextFX find/replace (control+R), with regex turned off, you can replace ^M^M with ^M<P>^M.  You'll need to run it several times if there are any multiple blank lines.


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