Some Deutsch hier ?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hab da ein Problem,

    wenn ich eine *.txt auf meinem Desktop öffne (links, doppelklick) geht das.
    Wenn ich gleich danach wieder eine Datei auf dem Desktop öffnen möchte auch wieder mit "links, doppelklick" bekomm ich eine Fehlermeldung.
    Warum ?
    Kann Notepad++ nur jeweils 1 Datei öffnen ?
    Wenn ich über das Programm geh kann ich mehr gleichzeitig öffnen.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      OK hab den fix allein gefunden ;)
      "C:\Programme\Notepad++\notepad++.exe" "%1"
      stimmt nun auch ;)

      nice Forum.

      I know
      IF (some unknow) do
        if read(all)=false do
            TellAQuestion(); ?

    • Paulius

      Paulius - 2006-01-06

      This is english-only forum.

    • bst

      bst - 2006-01-09

      schön, dass der Fix funktioniert. Zu Deiner Frage: Es sind einige Deutsch sprechende Leute im Forum aktiv, die Beiträge sollten aber alle in Englisch gehalten sein, da die meisten hier kein Deutsch verstehen


      there are some German speaking people using this forum, but forum language is generally English (most forum users won't understand Germen)

      • Paulius

        Paulius - 2006-01-09

        > there are some German speaking people using this forum, but forum language is generally English
        Yes, that is true.
        As a mod of this forum, i can say that all of the non-english posts will (should) be deleted.
        I left this topic untouched, so that people can find it and read my earlier post.

        PS: How would it make you feel if i'd start posting in lithuanian-only? Don't answer - it was a rhetorical question... :)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Since N++ can switch to german too
      you should a lil bit more tollerant.

      Some people are not good in english
      and you should let them post in there language too.

      If YOU didn't can understand this,
      maybe other can and want to help.

      And the helper may translate a quick note
      in english for all the others how didn't understand whats going on ;-)


      • Paulius

        Paulius - 2006-01-22

        There are a lot of people all over the world using Notepad++. If we let them write in their native languages - this forum would soon become useless. So you have to understand us too.

        Rule doesn't change - this forum is enlgish-only. Sorry.

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          Ok Paulius. So you MUST create a forum for each language in which the application has been translated. If not, you don't contribute to make the application known abroad, and you want it to be used exclusively by englophone users.

          It's a pure intolerance for other people in the world. Everyone must understand that a help can be necessary for each person using an application (anglophon or not). A excellent suggestion has been emitted above by a person saying that the answerer can post his response in both language or write a short post at the end. To accept such a proposition will not be destructive for your forum... it will rather extend the popularity of the application ! Because german or french or spanish or italian persons will be able to find a track for their problem simply using Google which points on the thread on your forum. To refuse it is to kill all possibilities to be widely known elsewhere than in England or in the States. Compare your position to the position of many others application authors having a Sourceforge Forum, and you'll immediately understand.



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