Fred P. - 2004-11-24

How hard would it be to support like EditPlus:
FTP and SFTP transparently

Is there a way to have a directory panel
on the side?

Is there a way to run a command line tool CTRL+0..9 within the editor and have
the output pop out or captured.


Powerful Regexp search/replace engine

Save all.

Save "desktop" [window position, opened files]

Have project folders with "desktop"

Provide external configuration file for new languages
or to add custom keywords to be highlighted.

This would be easier to send you folks config files
for such and weird language.

e.g.  C++ Builder, MFC, Qt, VB, QB, Larch/LSL, Larch/C++, Latex, Z/Latex, Larch/Latex, PVS, Perl, Python, Ruby, Makefile, bash, batch, hex,
MC68K, Intel assembly, HTML, XML, ChemML, ChessML, GXL, SVG, JSP, ASP, PHP, Javascript, VBscript, CSS, SQL, matlab, maple, ini, reg, dot, xdot, diff files, etc.

Syntax mode view (tab, space, break)

Change case (upper/lower)

View in browser CTRL+B

Create custom templates

Friendly HTML/XML entity mode.

Byte/Word count.

Ruler, 80-col or n-col custom vertical line

User definable toolbar
Manage project switcher
Manage Command-line tool switcher
Spell check for languages (external?)
Sort function

virtual spaces
virtual grid selection/copy

auto-completion template per language

full-screen mode

setting per config file/language.ext
- tabs/space
- pc/mac/unix
- header/footer
- wordwrap
- column marker (n-col)
- syntax file
- function pattern
- font