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  • Scott Prager

    Scott Prager - 2008-08-28

    I'm trying to learn to program my calculator is Z80 assembly, so I made a simple user-defined syntax highlighter. But built-in languages have a lot better support. For one, you can change the style in the stile configurator and they seem more free in how many syntaxes they can have.

    So, in attempts to get full language support for Z80 asm, I've made an XML file in plugins>APIs (I tried an API file before that), Tried adding z80 to langs.xml, langs.model.xml, and stylers.model.xml. Still no.

    Is there a way to do what I want?

    • Harry

      Harry - 2008-08-29

      User defined languages should accept autocomplete files, and v5.0+ requires XML format. The name of the file must be exactly the same as the name of your user defined language + '.xml' added to it.

      Also, you can write your own external lexers if you really need one, but since z80 is assembly, try adding z80 keywords/macros to the ASM language using the styler configurator.

    • Scott Prager

      Scott Prager - 2008-08-30

      But they are very much different, and I will be working with both over the next few months. I use syntax highlighting to guide me and help me remember what's proper, so it's very important to me that invalid asm doesn't collide with valid z80 and valid z80 doesn't collide with invalid asm.

      For that matter, I want to split asm into Intel and AT&T syntaxes, both of which I will also be working with soon.

      But, as I said, I tried to add a external lexer, actually by  copying the regular asm one, just to get it working, but it didn't work. And, as I said, I made an autocomplete file, but I want fuller support for the language.


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