Find not working

  • BMB2000

    BMB2000 - 2013-09-02

    When I select "Find..." or "Replace..." or any variant of them (Either from the menu or by CTRL+F or CTRL+H) the search window doesn't open. Instead, Notepad++ seems to lose the Windows focus!
    Help! I can't search!

  • Loreia2

    Loreia2 - 2013-09-02

    Hi MBM2000,

    this just means that modal dialog is outside of visible area. Either on other monitor, or it got lost by desktop manager (if you use one).


  • BMB2000

    BMB2000 - 2013-09-03

    Thank you. That helped me find it. It turned out that somehow the Transparency of it got set to "Always" and completely transparent. There should be some setting to prevent such a combination, since it is nearly impossible to get it back (I used another computer to figure out the key strokes needed to change the transparency to "On losing focus" and was then able to see it again)