Eugene Wee - 2005-06-16

I'm a user of the build system SCons (, which uses SConstruct files (canonically named "SConstruct") much like make uses Makefiles.
SConstruct files are Python scripts that happen to be written so that SCons can process them.

I'm looking to treat SConstruct files as Python scripts for language styling. Obviously one solution is to use the user-defined language interface to do so. However, Python uses indentation to determine code blocks, so I have not been successful in getting the folder open/close system to work. How do I define the folder open/close keywords for a language like Python?

Not only that, but I cant seem to get the styling for things such as function and classnames to work. Sure, the def and class keywords are in blue as per the default Python styling, but the identifiers following these keywords seem untouchable. What must I do to affect them?

It would also be good to include SConstruct files in the default language settings, considering that such support already exists for makefiles - and no real functionality needs to be added since the style could be taken verbatim from the existing Python style.

Thanks :)