First I wanna thank all the creators of this fine tool, it replaces my standard notepad from the very beginning after installation.

Unfortunately there's one thing left that bother's me while using Notepadd++:
It's the sequence the open windows (tabs) are changed when using keys Ctrl+Tab. I would expect that the last two files used are toggled with the keys so that one is able to change between two files again an again. But currently it will show the next one open in the editor.

Maybe I'm not able to explain it correctly ;-), therefore here is an example:

Assume 4 open windows (named 1 - 4).
The active window is 1 and I change the focus to 2 with Ctrl+Tab.
After 2 is active I release the keys.
If I hit the keys again window 3 is active, but I would assume that window 2 is active.

And it's the same as the Alt+Tab behaviour, as long as I release the keys after the selection I can toggle between the same windows.

Additionally it seems that the author conforms to the VisualStudio (6) when creating all the keyboard shortcuts for Notepadd++. My proposal would fit perfectly since VisualStudio behaves the same :-)