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  • Nude Spoons

    Nude Spoons - 2013-12-31

    I am using Notepad++ version 6.5.3 (Unicode) and have the Python Indent plugin (version 1.0) installed, and it appears in the drop-down list available from the Plugins menu in the toolbar.

    However, Plugin Manager (version does not include Python Indent in its 'Installed' tab; instead it includes it in its 'Updates' tab, noting that the installed version is 'unknown' and that version 1.0 is available.

    Even if I opt to install the reported update and allow Notepad++ to restart, Plugin Manager still insists the plugin is not installed and continues to offer the update.

    Any ideas as to what is going on here?

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  • cchris

    cchris - 2014-01-04

    Please contact Dave on the Plugin Development forum. Very likely,something is wrong with theplugin "database" it uses (a large XML file).
    If no other update works, then it could be that permissions on plugins/ are not adequate. In such a case I'd recommend taking ownership of the Notepad++ folder, or reinstalling out of %ProgramFiles%. Using %APPDATA could be an issue, again because of UAC.