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    When I open an ASP file, I don't get the folding for Do/Loop, If/End If, Functions, etc. But if I change the language to VB, then I get these funky blue underlines underneath everything...but I can't find any info on what the blue lines mean! Surely Npp isn't testing for syntax it? Removing the script delimiter <% doesn't seem to help.....

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      I get the same thing editing HTA files.

      By default HTA is not a defined language so it starts up in Normal Text.  If you select HTML and then switch to VB the blue underlines will appear and I cannot find a way to get rid of them.  They seem to only appear on the VBScript portion of the code, not the HTML parts.

      The only way I can get rid of them is to close the file, re-open it and switch it to VB without select any other language first.

    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2004-10-08

      could you send this file to me?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The same thing is happening to me.  When I open a file with .ASP extension, it opens with language set to ASP.  If I change the language to VB, the strange blue underlines appear.  If I close and rename the file to be .VBS, it opens as language VB, without the blue underlines.  If I change the language to ASP, and then back to VB, the blue underlines reappear!  (BTW, the blue underlines look like tiny triangles pointing down, lined up end-to-end)

      I renamed the file to have no extension and went through the list: load file, change lang to VB, change lang to one from list, change back to VB.  Only language choices that make the blue underlines appear after they are chosen are: HTML, XML, PHP, and ASP.

      And here is a really interesting thing:  while going through the list, I found that when I opened the file without an extension and changed lang to ASP, and back to VB, it only underlines up to the last displayed line plus two lines.  If I change to ASP again without closing the file, and back to VB, it underlines the whole document.

      Additional Notes: I tried turning off File Auto-detection to try to stop it from associating my .ASP file as lang ASP, which didn't help.  I also notice that the opening tag (less-than,percent sign) is not underlined, and niether is the closing tag (percent sign, greater than).  New text typed in the middle of an underlined area is not underlined.  And upon further testing with different files, I now see that only things inside the ASP server side tags are getting underlined.  The main file that I was testing with has a .ASP extension and only server side functions, which explains why my whole document gets underlined.

      It's a great looking program, and I'm ready to use it more if I could just get rid of these annoying underlines!  (BTW, it is v3.1)


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        The same problem here!
        Any solutions?


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