Problem replacing text - wrong character?

Joe Yeti
  • Joe Yeti

    Joe Yeti - 2006-03-29

    Hi there, got a problem in Notepad++ when I try to replace some text in slovak language, for instance   soubor with súbor....  it comes out as s룯r....does anyone know how to solve this? Thx.

    Joe Yeti

    • Chris Severance

      Chris Severance - 2006-05-01

      The Ctrl+R dialog by the TextFX plugin is UNICODE aware so it should handle your replacement just fine.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It worked for me.

      I had Ansi text set in Format menu.

      If, however, I set Format to UTF-8 then I  can replicate your problem.

      So, check the Format menu...

      • Joe Yeti

        Joe Yeti - 2006-04-03

        Yea, tried that, but when I change to ANSI, the whole Document changes such eastern-european characters to weirdos and what I enter new, is correct....... :(