Notepad++ in X/K/Ubuntu...

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I'd like to know how can I use notepad++ having XUBUNTU as my OS?

    Please, answer me soon.


    • DV

      DV - 2007-06-21

      By the way, does input of ConsoleDlg of NppExec plugin work now in WINE? I mean, when you enter some command in the ConsoleDlg, does it work in Linux/Unix under WINE? Because it did not work when I tried it few months ago - the notification EN_MSGFILTER was never received.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Is that possible???????

    • DV

      DV - 2007-06-01
    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2007-06-01

      With Wine.

      Here's the instructions :


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thx, Don Ho... but how can I install notepad++ on the 7.04 version of ubuntu?
      The article I read only mentions ubuntu 6.06 and 6.10...

      Please, answer me soon.


    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2007-06-06

      Try to follow the same procedure.
      Make sure the version of wine corresponds or is higher then mentioned in the document.
      Most likely the wine version is the most important ...

      I succeeded installing it this way for gentoo.
      For gentoo:
      emerge wine
      then from command line: winelauncher npp.4.1.2.Installer.exe
      For starting npp up, I've created an alias: 'wine <PATH>/notepad++.exe'

      I don't have the shortcut at my desktop, but I don't need that.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I successfully installed it in Ubuntu 7.04 by moving the npp.4.1.2.Installer.exe to wine directory I created.
      Point terminal program to that directory and typing wine npp.4.1.2.Installer.exe the program works and I can save files in my regular documents folder in Ubuntu.