Switching direction to RTL doesn't work!

  • AliMadkour

    AliMadkour - 2013-11-21


    After upgrading notepad++ to latest version 6.5.1, I've a problem with RTL documents please have a look at that screenshot :

    as you can see the text is unreadable :)

    is there a hot fix?

    Thanks in advance

    Last edit: cchris 2013-11-24
  • cchris

    cchris - 2013-11-21

    The problem I see is that text is aligned to the right, but nstill written LTR. Is this the right description?
    What is the system code page on your system? What encoding did you choose for your document? Obviously Scintilla is not detecting it the way you think.


  • AliMadkour

    AliMadkour - 2013-11-22


    Yes its aligned to right but as you see its not readable (Rotated). the encoding is UTF-8 and the system code page is the default windows 8 (ANSI)

    this problem occurred after upgrading to latest version it was work properly in earlier versions.


  • cchris

    cchris - 2013-11-22

    I'll try to investigate this weekend, but please remember that Scintilla doesn't pretend to support RTL correctly. If you could attach a file with the shown behaviour, it would greatly help.


  • AliMadkour

    AliMadkour - 2013-11-22
    Thank you, attached is a test.php file please switch the text direction to RTL. Note, I tried to minimize and maximize the notepad++ window then the text shown properly.
  • cchris

    cchris - 2013-11-24

    Here are the (not exactly expected) results:
    When I open the file as LTR, it displays the attached image, which I believe to be the roght thing. Switching to RTL causes text to be mirored. As the Scintilla docs say,, "Bidirectional text is not supported". Confirmed. File opens as "ANSI as UTF-8".
    I tried opening using v6.4.5, which is based on a quite older version of Scintilla: behaviour appears to make more sense, see image file.

    It seems that the mrroring is done word by word in the earlier version of Scintilla, and character per charater with the newer version, which makes less sense.

    One thing you could do is this: download current version of SciTe, and try it. I expect wrong display like with N++. Now try finding an early (2 year old) version of SciTE, and edit your file with it. Chances are that the result is correct there.

    If the latter occcurs as I'd expect, this is a Scintilla regression to report at scintilla.org . At any rate, please inform us about your findings.


  • Steven

    Steven - 2014-10-14

    Something might have gone wrong between SciLexer.dll v. 3.2.5 and SciLexer.dll v. 3.3.0. The former is working fine, but from the latter on, the RTL system seems to be broken now. I am reverting back to v. 3.2.5 now.

    Last edit: Steven 2014-10-15

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