3.1 crash with Save As

  • Just trying to 'Save As' with either an existing or new document is causing crash. I get a msg dialog which says, "system completed task sucessfully", and then it crashes.

    [I went back to v 3.0, and no problems.]

    NP++  v3.1
    running XP Pro

    • keram

      I have similar problem with version 3.2 when
      running under Windows NT (service pack 6).
      When I have more than one file open and I switch
      between files NP++ crashes suddenly
      with messages: "system completed task sucessfully"
      or "system err".
      These crashes happen very often, say, every 10 minutes.
      It seems not to happen when I edit one file but
      I cannot say it for sure because I have started
      to use NP++ only recently.

      I have no such problem under XP-Pro.

      PS: I work with Fortran files.

    • Don HO
      Don HO

      this bug is fixed.
      I did upgrade the v3.1 binaries on sourceforge on 17th July.
      Just re-DL and re-install your Notepad++.

    • Thanks!