spirit - 2013-11-08

Hi, I was looking for, but unfortunately, give up, I have to ask.

I have small program which expects two parameters when calling:
compose.exe <param1> param2

All works fine when I make bat file and put this line:

D:\prog\compose.exe <D:\strona1\bom_index.html> D:\strona\bom_index.html

I can put a lot of these instructions and work without a problem when run bat file.

Now I try run this line with F5 just pass:
D:\prog\compose.exe <D:\strona1\bom_index.html> D:\strona\bom_index.html

This not work, get info:
compose: Unknown command line option (3 such information)

The same info I get when try use VBScript:
Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WshShell.Run("D:\prog\compose.exe <D:\strona1\bom_index.html> D:\strona\bom_index.html")

Sow tell me what I make wrong, I wan't have the same result with F5 and VBScript like in bat file (run compose.exe with 2 parameters). Suppose that I wrong write this command, but for me it's strange that works fine in bat file but not other case (what is the difference beetwen batch and Run?). I try use quotes, double quotes, ASCII char etc...

Please, any advice.

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