Notepad++ layout bug

The Cap'n
  • The Cap'n

    The Cap'n - 2008-10-31

    I've searched the most recent 1200 (or so) posts and haven't found a similar problem to mine:

    When I open N++ (or take it out of focus), a small grey "window" appears on the page.  It has an X in the top right corner.  If I click the X, it closes the "window" and the layout of the program window changes.  I can restore the layout to its original if I close the new greyed out sections... however it's kind of annoying.  It can also lead to Notepad++ crashing.

    I also saw this problem before v5.1 was released.

    This is hard to explain through words.  So here are the web addresses to my screenshots:

    Has anyone seen this before?  Any ideas as to how I can remedy it?

    I'm Using:
    Notepad++ v5.1
    Windows XP SP2

    • Fool4UAnyway

      Fool4UAnyway - 2008-10-31

      Which search terms did you use?

      I tried (all the words) "x window" and found 52 messages. On the first two pages I found two messages describing a problem similar to yours.

      • Al Cape

        Al Cape - 2008-11-24

        To correct the problem with Hydravision, you can just exclude notepad++ from the application processing. This way you can continue to use Hydravision with other apps.

        Open Hydravision properties.
        Open Individual Application Settings
        Select "exclusions"
        Add c:\program files\notepad++\notepad++.exe

        You will not be able to switch Notepad from Monitor1 to Monitor2 using the "move to monitor x" option, and full screen will span both monitors.

    • The Cap'n

      The Cap'n - 2008-11-03


      I wasn't sure what search terms to use... but that sure did it.

      To follow up:
      The thread that was most useful to me was

      It turns out that I have ATI Hydravision running.  I know because in the process tab of the Windows Task Manager I found "hydraDM.exe".  As soon as I removed it from my running processes, I was able to run Npp without problems.

      Now I just need to wade through all the ATI settings to find out how to disable Hydravision permanently...

    • Harry

      Harry - 2008-11-03

      Don HO and I are trying to get this resolved, but neither of use have ATI cards in combination with a dual monitor setup. Im trying to get a test setup running but if any programmers out there know how t debug this then we'd be grateful :)