Rob W.
  • Rob W.

    Rob W. - 2008-11-28

    Hi there...

    I have problems with autoclose. When I have a php-file the AutoCloseHTMLtag does not work. The settings in NPPTextFX.ini is "AutoCloseHTMLtag=1", but it only works in html-files, not in php-files.

    where the problem might be?

    i use v.5.1.1

    thx, rob

    • Rob W.

      Rob W. - 2008-11-28

      i did the settings with the menu "TextFX Setting". But when i close and start npp again, the both autoclose are NOT marked even though the "NppTextFX.ini" is still AutoCloseHTMLtag=1 and AutoCloseBrace=1!!!

      during the installtion i didn't marked "Don't use %APPDATA%"