New annoying behavior in v3.7

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    1.) Now whenever you "Save As" it jumps to the Notepad++ directory. With previous versions it seemed to open the directory of the most recently used file.

    2.) "Find Next" is broken! It seems whenever you hit F3 now, it attempts to start finding whatever the cursor is sitting next to. This sucks.

    Are these bugs or intended functionality? Because they are very annoying. If future versions will continue to be this way I'll stick with old versions.

    Also, for anyone's benefit, here are a few missing PHP keywords that can be added to line 62 of langs.xml for proper highlighting:
    final define e_strict throw catch try instanceof

    Thanks a lot for a great program. I just hope you make it as un-annoying as it used to be.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Fyi, the new "involatile find" is kind of retarded. First off, when you ctrl+shift+i into the edit box and start typing, it begins searching at the top of the document instead of from the cursor. The worst part is that when it finds your search text, the find box still has focus so you have to manually click back on the main npp window (and NOT inside the document, mind you, otherwise it will deselect the found text) to get focus so you can do any text manipulation. Then when you want to find the next, you have to click the '>' button (or press ctrl+shift+i again, which btw takes BOTH HANDS, so you have to take one back off the mouse) and start all over again...

      What a royal pain. I'm very sad to hear that it won't be changed in the future. Whoever came up with these terrible ideas should be tarred and leathered.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Nevermind question 2. I just saw the answer a few posts down.