Opening symlinks from command-line

  • Achton

    Achton - 2005-09-20

    When I try to open a symlinked file in Windows XP from command line (or actually, from a CMD script), I get the error

    Could not open file "".

    It's a link to an ascii text file. If I append the .lnk to the end of the file (like notepad++ E:\file\symlinked.txt.lnk) I just get the actual binary code in the .lnk file. How do I circumvent this?


    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2005-09-27

      Unfortunately, you can't.
      The symlinked file (I think you mean symbolic link in unix. it names "shortcut" under Windows) is managed by Windows' shell, but not by application.


      • Achton

        Achton - 2005-09-27

        Too bad. I thought there might be a way to hook into Windows' API and access the shortcut that way.