I am trying to write a macro that processes each line in my text file and I notice that the HOME key does not return to the start of the current line but just to the left edge of the display. I am ending my macro with HOME followed by DOWN to move to the next line BUT if the text is word-wrapped the HOME key only moves to the start of the current displayed part of the line and not the true beginning of the line. Is there some other command that tells the macro to go to the start of the next real line regardless of word-wrapping? Help appreciated.

edit: Disregard - I saw another post with similar problem and managed to work it out based on that solution. For others - Go to Setting > Shortcut Mapper... > Scintilla commands. There at around line 50 or so you'll find mappings for HOME that can be changed to suit.

Last edit: Xennon 2013-11-12