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Right click deselects the text

Saud Iqbal
  • Saud Iqbal

    Saud Iqbal - 2013-11-17

    When I right click to copy some text NP++ deselects the whole selected text. It happens on some php files. I m using 6.5.1

  • dail8859

    dail8859 - 2013-11-18

    This is likely caused by the DSpellCheck plugin. You can either disable it or a new version has been very recently released here which fixes the issue.

  • Saud Iqbal

    Saud Iqbal - 2013-11-27

    Yes, once I disable Dspellcheck plugin, I can select and right click now. Also I m not seeing any update for that plugin in plugin manager list.