• David M. Besonen

    hi all,

    is there a way to select columns?



    • Atomhrt

      Atomhrt - 2004-05-13

      Like holding down the alt key and dragging the mouse?

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        yes LIKE that except for the whole document.  Which in the case of a 10meg file I want sorted by thread (first 4 characters) makes it almost impossible to use.

        Uedit can select by column number and width, which applies to the whole document.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      And what about keyboard use?

      By the way, mouse selection is not perfect also. 1) Select some part of text in one view. 2) Ctlr-C 3) Switch to other document 4) Ctrl-V 5) Switch back - the selection becomes ordinal, not column-based.


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