I am trying to create a custom lua definition for use in developing AddOns for World of Warcraft. I have gotten it work work except for 2 lingering issues that I cannot seem to resolve.

1) the first issue I enoucnter is the fact that comments use characters that also need to be operators. Notepad doesn't seem to allow this behavior. Somehow the integrated lua syntax does in fact work, but when creating my own derivitive, it doesn't.

Comment Line: --
Comment Block: --[[ ]]

I could of course exclude - [ ] from the operators, but then other issues arise with text strings. Specifically when I do any type of reference to table entries that use the format ['reference'] or ["reference"]. Neither of these get properly colored as they should since [ and ] are not operators.

2) the other issue I have is merely a personal preference more than anything else. I would like to have more than 4 sets of keywords, and it looks like Notepad++ only allows the 4?

words1 = Native Keywords (and not nil etc...)
words2 = Reserved Keywords (_VERSION getfenv etc...)
words3 = Global API Functions (for World of Warcraft)
words4 = Widget API Functions (for World of Warcraft)

I want to have 2 more sets of keywods that would allow me to add categories for Default Frames, and Secure Functions to ahve their own syntax highlight rules.

Any help is appareciated, or if this isn't even possible at least tell me. For now I ahve customized the lang.xml to add the functions I need, but again I can't figure out how to add the extra 2 sets of keywords that I want. At least with lang.xml I don't have the comment issue though.