Display column numbers

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Is it possible to display column numbers across the top or bottom of the display like Notepad++ ?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Sorry, I meant like EditPlus... so many editors so little time...

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I support this request. Previously I already asked if it is possible to show colored columns. For example the first 8 columns in white, second set of eight columns in light grey, third set in white again, and so on.

        The reason for my request is that many programs use asccii based input files that have a certain fixed-column setup (e.g. NX Nastran uses commands followed a number of values, where each value should be placed in a seperate column. A coumn is 8 characters width)

        Coloumn numbers would give almost the same control. You would be able to see in which column you are typing.