New User Defined Language - UDL 2.0 - HTML

  • Kaosar

    Kaosar - 2013-01-02


    I am trying to create a UDL for a hybrid HTML language that incorporate HTML with addition of system specific tags.

    The problem I am having is firstly to define the correct UDL for the specific tags as well as including the HTML UDL that I borrowed from the default HTML language within Notepad++.

    The tag starts like this : <ay:If id="495" name="Filter Name" >

    The tag ends like this: </ay:If id="495">

    NOTE: I also need to incorporate a range for the ID as the range is between 1-1000 (the code above has ID 495), so the UDL picks up different ID and colour code them with the ability to check if the tag is correctly closed.

    If you can provide some assistance that would be great.

    Kind Regards

    Last edit: Kaosar 2013-01-02
  • Loreia2

    Loreia2 - 2013-01-03

    HI Kaosar,

    UDL is not well suited for HTML as it cannot match correct tags.
    HTML (and its cousins) really need a dedicated Lexer.



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