Transparency Notepad++ codewindow

  • SpacIX

    SpacIX - 2009-09-11


    Is there a way to have whats under the notepad++ window shine through? Just like 50% transparency, for example so I can see my Photoshop design under the notepad++ window where I am coding in? Thanks!

    • cchris

      cchris - 2009-09-11

      I use Madotate to turn windows into 3D planes with a label. The angle and orientation of the 3D translucent representations can be changed with the mouse. Using a small angle can probably acheve something like you wish.

      Now, if you want to be able to type into the editor while seeing the backgrond... Perhaps Peep Show Lite is ok. It does not make the window translucent, but allows holes of various kinds in the window.

      Both are freeware, I use them on XP.