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  • kiuxlievas

    kiuxlievas - 2014-07-11

    I'm using Notepad++ 6.6.7

    With Display Line Number switched off I use a Margin because I don't want the text so tight up against the edge as it looks awful...

    I set the Margin to Simple but it keeps disappearing whenever I close the window or switch between tabs.

    Also I want the Margin the same color as the background color (white) so it isn't visible, and ideally it's width to be adjustable.

    Assuming this won't be fixed How can I manually adjust the code to fix these problems? (I'm not a programmer)

    Until I can fix this sadly I'll have to look for another editor.

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    THEVENOT Guy - 2014-07-11

    Hello kiuxlievas,

    You can change the background colour of the Line number margin very easily. Just, follow the method, below :

    • Select the Setting menu

    • Select the Style configurator...* sub-menu

    • In the Style Configurator dialog, select the Default (Stylers.xml) theme

    • Select the Global Styles language

    • Select the Line number margin style

    • Click, with the left mouse button, on the background square box

    • Choose the blank colour, of the right bottom corner of the colours panel

    • Click on the Save & close button

    Et voilà !

    From now on, the margin for line numbers and/or bookmarks is blank as the background text :-)

    To get back to the default colour, you'll need to click on the More colours button and type the value 228 for each primary colours ( Red - Green - Blue )

    To that purpose, see the attached picture kiuxlievas.png. I added some bookmarks, too.

    Best Regards,


    P.S. :

    I did the test, with the 6.6.6 version, but I think there's no change, concerning this point, in the 6.6.7 version !

    Last edit: THEVENOT Guy 2014-07-11

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