Play MACROS multiple times

  • Nobody/Anonymous

       Is there any way that you can make Notepad++ play a recorded macro multiple times?
       I use Notepad++ to work with data files and sometimes I have to make the same change in thousands of lines. I was wondering if I could record a macro and just play it for as many time as I need automactly.
       That's the only reason Notepad++ is not the perfect tool for me. Any ideas??

       Thanks a Lot!!

    Paulo Pegoraro

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      This has already been asked before, don't know if I'm right, but seems to be a very specific need.

      I think there's many other things more important to spend time developing to Npp before this.

      So for now...
      1- record your macro
      2- assign a shortcut
      3- stick your finger in the keyboard until you're happy

      • Hans Ajiet Holtkamp

        I do not think this is a specific need!

        If I use macros, I ALMOST ALWAYS need to repeat it n-times.

        repetitive macros should be VERY HIGH in the priority list, in my opinion!

        I usually refrain from critisising this wonderful program and requesting for features, since these are usually very specific to the user, but this and the possiblity of editing recorded macros are requirements if macros are included in the funtionality at all.


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