Library load is failed. What is means please

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello ou bonjour,

    In english or en franais please ;-)

    When I start NotePad++ (v. 3.2 with Win Me) it runs but I've a message : "library load is failed"

    What it means please and how to solve the problem ?

    Thank you very much


    Quand je dmarre NotePad (v.3.2 sous Win Me)il dmarre mais j'ai le message "Load libray failed".
    Qu'est-ce que cela signifie et comment rsoudre de problem s'il vous plat.

    Merci d'avance


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I had the same problem (on Win98SE). Fixed it by downloading updated i.e. latest versions of all plugins.

    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2005-09-26

      I have not yet identified the problem since it works fine under my Windows 98 SE.

      To walk arround this problem, just remove all the dll under the "plugins" directory.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It runs ! Wonderful and thank you very much.

      Have a good day.