v5.1 typing a colon ":" removes all indention

  • Phaxmohdem

    Phaxmohdem - 2008-12-01

    I've never had this problem until I upgraded to 5.1, but when editing in PHP mode, every time I type a colon ":" it always removes all indention for the line I am typing on.  Very annoying.  Any fixes, or should I just revert to a previous version.

    • Andy M

      Andy M - 2008-12-17

      I've had this problem for the last week or so.
      Just tried Bradley's fix, and it did the trick nicely for me.

      Thanks very much Bradley!

    • Phaxmohdem

      Phaxmohdem - 2008-12-01

      Found out this is related to the nppAutoIndent plugin, and only happens in "smart Indent" mode.  don't know how to fix this though besides turning off smart indent.

    • Soaa

      Soaa - 2008-12-02

      I just posted about this problem without seeing this thread. It's annoying indeed; I with we could have a better auto-indent.

    • Bradley A. Town

      Bradley A. Town - 2008-12-05

      If you're comfortable downloading and changing the code for NppAutoIndent, you can find and change the line:

          return LineLabel;


          return LineOpen;

      I've posted a modified version of both the ANSI and Unicode DLLs here:


    • a2h

      a2h - 2008-12-14

      I have this problem too! Got a version mismatch error with Bradley's fix, but I still seem to have working indents without the : problem. Woo!

    • a2h

      a2h - 2008-12-14

      Bah, the error's recurring. I'm on version 5.1, so I don't see what's wrong...

  • nikpmr

    nikpmr - 2012-05-27

    I know this is a very old thread, but no other auto-indent solution has come
    along since, which is pretty sad.
    Would anyone know the code to changing NppAutoIndent so that the "#" doesn't do
    this as well (typing a # as the first character of a line treats the line as a
    comment, i.e. disables smart indent for that block and removes all indentation
    for that line)? This becomes a major pain when typing CSS.