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  • bluebangkok

    bluebangkok - 2011-03-26

    Maybe I'll sound like an idiot but I've searched this forum but to no avail. My problem is this: Usually, when I start Notepad++, I pin it to one half of my screen using Windows 7 Aero snap. But when I restart Notepad++, it doesn't remember its previous position and size and starts in a small window again.
    In other words, if I maximize it properly via maximize button, it remembers its fullscreen status, but whenever I use Aero snap, it doesn't remember window size & position between sessions. Is there anything I can do to make Notepad++ remember its position & size when Aero snap is used?

  • judos

    judos - 2012-10-12

    Got almoast the same problem. Everytime i open up a new file, and i positioned notepad++ on one half of the screen, if resets its size  & position to the middle of the screen where it was by default.
    Quick workaround: Position your Notepad++ without using the Aero snap, just drag the window there and scale it manually (slower but works). Still it is a bit annoying that Aero snap doesn't work with notepad++.

    Thanks for attention and hopefully fixing this. :-)


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