"Replace All" not triggered ...

  • Jan

    Jan - 2011-02-20

    I just updated to v5.8.7 and not the replace dialog shows some weird behaviour. Pressing Ctrl+H brings it up with the focus on the Find line, but pressing Alt+A does not trigger replace all (which it should trigger, seeing how the a is underlined). Do get it to react, i have to move the focus. Currently this can be done nicely with Alt+S, which for some reason jumps the focus to the first possible checkbox without toggling it.

    Also, after a replace all the replace window loses focus but is not closed. this is the worst possible solution if, like me, you are using a keyboard only cause it needs the most keypresses to close it. (Closing it would need no keypresses, leaving focus on it needs esc, loosing focus needs Ctrl+H ESC)

  • bullbala

    bullbala - 2011-02-21

    Hello silentguy,

    I have exactly the same issue with v5.8.7 :-(

  • cchris

    cchris - 2011-02-21

    Can't reproduce on a fresh install. Pleasec check that your english.xml file is in sync - that's the only cause I can find.
    Also, disabling transparency will help with focus.


  • Jan

    Jan - 2011-02-25

    Ah, after the update everything was english, but the localization field was empty.
    Set it to english, not the Replace all DOES get triggered if I press Alt+A.

    But the focus problem remain, with transparency enable and disabled. The window stays open after the replace all but it looses focus. That's pretty useless

  • Jan

    Jan - 2011-02-25

    Damn, it even weirer then I though. Changing the localization fixed the problem, but after the next restart, it's back even though the localization is set. Chaning it (even from english to english) fixes it again but again only until restart.
    Just uninstalled and reinstalled, it persists…

  • cchris

    cchris - 2011-02-26

    So this is a bug. Please report it on the Tracker / Bugs interface.


  • Simon[Fr]

    Simon[Fr] - 2011-04-20

    Problem still present after updating in 5.9 :(
    Transparency is disabled but focus isn't getting back to the replace window after a validation on the "Replace All" MessageBox.

    Reproduction :
    Press Ctrl+H
    Set something in the Search field and click on "Replace All". A MessageBox "Replace All" appears with number of replacements, hit ESC and now, your focus is on your document and not anymore on the "Replace" Window … so you can't just close hit pressing ESC again :-(
    You need to click on it and then hit ESC or click CANCEL.

    Hope those information will help.

  • cchris

    cchris - 2011-04-21

    The focus issue is an annoyance purposefully added to fix a bug.
    If the focus remains on the find/replace dialog, and there is a confirmation message box that is not closed, then spurious characters are inserted on typing/macro recording. The current focus behaviour fixes this but has issues of its own.


  • korisu

    korisu - 2011-05-03

    I'd like to second the bug in the replace window focus. In prior versions, the focus returned to the Replace window (identical behavior to Visual Studio, among others). In (at least) 5.8.7, the focus goes to the text editor after one replace. This makes it difficult to close the Replace dialog after doing a replacement. Please fix ASAP.


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