Possible to go to last position?

  • Fredrik Josefsson

    Is there a way to go to the last position I was in the document? Like "CTRL -" in Visual Studio.  I've looked and searched everywhere, even among plugins, but couldn't find any information.


    • Gadrin

      Gadrin - 2008-12-16

      Jasspa's MicroEmacs offers a whole slew of abilities. Such as alphanumeric marks so you can place marks all over the document and then simply issue a keyboard command to move to a mark.

      It also has a full programming/macro language built-in, along with a keyboard recorder to play back your keystrokes, very, very handy.

      The only thing I don't like is the GUI, it's not a typical Windows-style program and it's kinda clunky. But you can write some very complex editing scripts with it and have them execute with a few keystrokes and remap the keyboard to your liking.

      Now if they only would re-do the interface. I might have to try GNU Emacs.


    • ShadowLocke

      ShadowLocke - 2008-12-02

      as in the bottom of the page? you can use "ctrl end". works in most programs.

    • Gadrin

      Gadrin - 2008-12-05

      Are Bookmarks good enough for you ? You can go to NEXT and PREVIOUS with them.


    • Fredrik Josefsson

      Thanks to both of you, I am aware of those techniques, but that was not what I was looking for. Maybe I'll have to write my own plugin... "Go to last" is a really useful functionality.

    • Jan Schreiber

      Jan Schreiber - 2008-12-15

      I would love to see that functionality, too. It's a bit like "undo last cursor movement."