Save All Opened Files - Bug?

  • Charlie Hawker

    Charlie Hawker - 2008-10-29

    Hi all,

    Just to be cheezy - "long time user; first time poster"!

    I've noticed what I think is a bug, though I may be mistaken, as it could be a deliberate feature that I don't understand. If I, for example, open 20 files for a website I'm running, and I do a "find and replace" on all opened documents and say, 14 of the 20 are modified by my find and replace whilst the other 6 aren't, I then would want to save all the opened documents, no matter whether they've been modified or not (since I would expect unmodified documents just wouldn't save). However, if your active tab is one of the unedited documents, then the "save all" button doesn't work on the toolbar...

    Is this a deliberate restriction, and if so, why?

    Happy Wednesday!

    • Charlie Hawker

      Charlie Hawker - 2008-10-31

      yay! I thought it was a reasonably strange thing going on there. So what's the procedure in getting the bug fixed? I know Notepad++ is a mature application, but the bug reporting procedure seems fairly vague - do the developers pick up on bugs reported in this forum?

    • Airdrik

      Airdrik - 2008-10-30

      That seems like a bug, since if you change one file then switch to another, the "Save All" menu item is active, but not if you do the replace in all open documents and it does not change anything in the current document but it does in other documents, then the "Save All" menu item doesn't come active until you switch to another (even if it is unedited) document.